January work flow...

So far January's hustle is looking like it will bring some cool stuff out to you guys over the next couple of months. We banged out the details for our Reflexology course which is now on our course calendar with a start date of April 6. We revamped our OSCE Preparation course - moving back to a full 4 day course starting March 26. We brought on an awesome First Aid and CPR instructor to start delivering re-certification courses, first ones scheduled for March 22 and April 12-13. We just finished developing a Musculoskeletal Anatomy Review which is ideal for all healthcare professionals that would like to learn and/or review the musculoskeletal system and its relationship with the rest of the

Just another Sunday...

Got to hang out with these Massage Therapists and talk all things movement at our Biomechanics seminar yesterday in Toronto - Types of Movement, Muscular Properties, Levers, Mechanical Advantage, Torque, Leverage Factor, Newton’s Laws, and Vectors. Looking forward to working with y’all again. The ConEd Team Be bold in your pursuit of education...

OSCE Prep is BACK!!!

We are please to announce the return of our OSCE Preparation workshop. With the opening of our new classroom at our head office, we decided to bring back this preparatory course. We have a unique approach to preparing candidates for their Massage Therapy Licensing Exam in Ontario. At the heart of everything we do is the belief in quality education and the belief in our participants ability to use the tools we share and find a way to incorporate these tools into their professional lives...we are just an instrument to facilitate your professional growth. We carry this approach into our OSCE Preparation workshop. That being said, I feel that we should give y'all a bit more insight to our approa

Reflexology Course Starting April 6

We are super excited to add Reflexology to our course calendar. Here is some basic information about the course. For full course details, registration, and instructor bio, visit our Reflexology page. Course Duration: 9 weeks - 26 CEU, Category A Weeks 1-4: One 8 hour class per week (Friday). Weekly independent assignments. Weeks 5-8: Clinical Cases - 50 treatments (independent - outside of class) Week 9: Clinical Case Review. In-class theory and practical exam. Upon successful completion of our Reflexolgy course, you will be awarded a Certification. This Certification will grant the holder, if a RMT, to use Reflexolgy within the Scope of Practice under the guidelines of the College of Mass

First course at our new head office...what else do we have in store???

First course of the year, first course at our new head office!! If this past weekend is any indication of what 2018 is gonna look like, it's gonna be an awesome year. We kicked if off with Advanced Joint Mobilizations - one day of peripheral joint mobs and one day of axial mobs with these crazy therapists who manged to still pull out a smile after 2 long days. Along with our usual full course load carried over from last year, we have added in some new stuff for you guys. As you may have read in our last post, we now have Health Care Provider CPR/AED Emergency and Stardard First Aid re-certifications - March 22 and April 12-13. We have brought back our OSCE Preparation full course scheduled f

Are you required to renew your First Aid and CPR?

ConEd Institute is now offering First Aid and CPR/AED-HCP (Level Healthcare Provider) re-certifications. Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED-HCP and Standard First Aid and CPR/AED-HCP. Instructor Corby Anderson CAT(C), R. Kin Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist Owner of “Back on Track Active Rehabilitation Services” Certified First Aid/CPR Instructor with FAST Rescue ​ Corby Anderson is an Athletic Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist who currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area. Corby completed his undergrad degree in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario. He continued on to York University and completed a Specialized Degree in Kinesiology along with

2018 is bringing some cool new stuff our way...

2017 was an awesome year full of growth and change...new courses, new faces, returning students, and travelling to new locations. As you may have read in one of our previous posts, we stepped out of our comfort zone and traveled to come new locations - London, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, and Barrie. We added some interesting stuff to our course calendar - Understanding Movement: Biomechanical Considerations, Professionalism and Ethics, Advanced Treatment Perspectives: Cupping as a Soft Tissue Tool, and Marketing Your Healthcare Business: Branding Your Practice Online. We redefined ourselves as an organization through the development of a new mission statement declaring our commitment to our core

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