Cupping as a Soft Tissue Tool Demo...

Here is a quick video of some cupping techniques performed to the lower back. The instructor is Deborah Saroca, RMT. If you are registered in our SOLD OUT workshop in London, you will get to see her work her magic. If you couldn't make it to our London course, there are still spots available in Toronto on June 8-10. For information and registration, click here. Be bold in your pursuit of education... The ConEd Team

First Road Trip of 2018...

We spent the weekend in London, Ont. hanging out with these veteran RMTs at our Athletic Taping workshop. These crazy kids are still smiling after 2 days of burning through many rolls of tape, acquiring some tape ripping battle scars, listening to some cool tunes while we worked, but most import - learning a cool new skill to bring to their patients, clients, friends and family. Great working with y'all. London, we will see you in a couple of weeks at our SOLD OUT Cupping workshop...can't wait for the chaos!! Be bold in your pursuit of education... The ConEd Team

Awesome weekend, now it's time to hit the road...

This past weekend we got to hang out with these Massage Therapists and Kinesiologists at our Record Keeping for Healthcare Professionals seminar today in Toronto. Always great to bring together group of healthcare professionals. Thanks for letting us be part of your professional growth. We will be closing off the month on the road - London here we come with our Athletic Taping workshop on February 24-25. Check out this quick demo of a tape job for a LCL sprain of the knee...enjoy!! Be bold in your pursuit of education... The ConEd Team

A paradigm shift may be in order...

Great start to a new month. 2 days with these crazies at our RMT Business Seminar in Toronto. These RMTs lived the second section of our mission statement: "We challenge formal models of education. We eliminate hierarchy. We open minds. We encourage and foster thoughts and ideas. We demand that you question and think deeply." And it starts here... If we truly want to be successful in this business of Massage Therapy, we must look beyond our skills as therapists, we need to start thinking of ourselves as businesses, as organizations. I am not talking about developing a differential advantage or niche marketing, I'm going much deeper than that. This journey begins with a paradigm shift - often

Reflexology demo video anyone???

Meet Priyal, our Reflexology instructor. Priyal Bhatt B.Sc., M.Sc., RRPr, RCRT Registered Reflexologist Aromaflex Therapist Priyal Bhatt is a Registered Reflexologist and Aromoflex Therapists registered with the Reflexology Association of Canada(RAC) and Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario(RRCO). Priyal is certified in Aromaflex therapy that combines the benefits of Reflexology and Aromatherapy . She has her Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and successfully completed her Foundation of Adult Teacher Training Certification. Priyal has also been working diligently as an Anatomy Physiology and Pathophysiology Instructor for Massage Therapy Programs for many years

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