OSCE Preparation Course for Massage Therapy Students

We recongize that all the Massage Therapy Schools in Ontario do an excellent job at prepareing students to take their exam with the CMTO, but we also know that some students seek extra help or tutoring. For this reason, ConEd Institute is offering an OSCE Preparatoin course for Ontario Massage Therapy Students.

Our OSCE Preparation course is targeted toward the new massage therapy graduate or soon to be graduate who needs a little extra guidance to ensure success.

The course insturctors are RMTs who have over a decade of experience, not only in clinical practice, but in massage therapy education - massage therapy instructors at community colleges as well as private career colleges, massage therapy curriculum develpment.

This course takes place over 2 weekends, allowing the student suffienct time between course dates to work on the material covered the previous classes. This practical workshop focuses on understanding the expectations, technical requirements, and the critical thinking skills involved in each station.

Click here to see the full course outline.

We are offering this course in the GTA three times this year. The first class is scheduled for March 5th in Toronto. Click here to see course dates for 2016.

If you are unable to attend due to location, let us know and arrangements to bring this course to your location may be possible.

Feel free to contact us at anytime with any question or inquires about this course.

The ConEd Team

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