Advanced Joint Mobilizations for RMTs..... A Successful Goodbye to 2016!!!

Just reflecting on the past weekend...

What a great way to end the Advance Joint Mobilizations course for the 2016 course calendar. This course made its appearance in 2013 and has evolved to become one of our most popular courses, attracting RMTs from as far as the Ontario/Manitoba boarder and Quebec.

A huge thank you to our guest speakers this weekend, Dr. Jeanny Kim ND who presented great information on the Naturopathic approach to joint pathologies, and Dr. Catie Gavin DC who led the spinal mobilization practical session for our extremely eager participants.

So basically, we had an awesome summer and now for a busy September of providing some cool educational opportunities for y'all..

Sept. 10 - Record Keeping for Healthcare Professionals

Sept 17-18 - Athletic Taping

Peace and Love

The ConEd Team

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