London...Here We Come!!

ConEd is on the move!!

We will be bringing our combined course Assessments Review for RMTs and Orthopedic Assessments for Kinesiologists to London, Ontario on March 3-5 at the Towne Place Marriott.


Massage Therapists:

This course is designed to assist Registered Massage Therapists in becoming familiar and comfortable with the assessment process. Many Massage Therapists working in multidisciplinary settings have come to rely on the initial assessment of their patient / client being performed by a physiotherapist or chiropractor, the primary health care provider. Many Massage Therapists simply lack the confidence and/or have failed to retain the knowledge of assessments taught through their formal education. EndFragment

Kinesiologists: DATA

StartFragmentAs the profession continues to evolve, so does the responsibility of the Registered Kinesiologist. Assessments are an invaluable part of therapeutic practices. If the profession wishes to continue its path of growth, Registered Kinesiologists should strive to expand their knowledge to match that of other Complementary Health Care Providers.EndFragment

For more information on this or any other of our courses, visit our Course Offerings page.

Be bold in your pursuit of education...

The ConEd Team

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