First course at our new head office...what else do we have in store???


First course of the year, first course at our new head office!! If this past weekend is any indication of what 2018 is gonna look like, it's gonna be an awesome year. We kicked if off with Advanced Joint Mobilizations - one day of peripheral joint mobs and one day of axial mobs with these crazy therapists who manged to still pull out a smile after 2 long days.


Along with our usual full course load carried over from last year, we have added in some new stuff for you guys. As you may have read in our last post, we now have Health Care Provider CPR/AED Emergency and Stardard First Aid re-certifications - March 22 and April 12-13. We have brought back our OSCE Preparation full course scheduled for March 26-29. We are in the final legs of putting together our Reflexology course designed for RMTs - look out for this to start at the beginning of April if all goes well. 


Oh that's not all...we are still travelling with some of our course offerings, starting with Athletic Taping in London on February 24-25.


Keep an eye out for our upcoming email highlighting our March course offerings. And if you're not on our email list, what the heck are you waiting for...subscribe on the home page or the contact page and stay in touch with all the exciting things we got goin on!!


Peace 'n love kids...I'm out. (*mic drop, bow, tip of the hat, slow strut as I walk away)


The ConEd Team

Be bold in your pursuit of education...



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