Reflexology demo video anyone???

Meet Priyal, our Reflexology instructor.

Priyal Bhatt B.Sc., M.Sc., RRPr, RCRT

Registered Reflexologist

Aromaflex Therapist

Priyal Bhatt is a Registered Reflexologist and Aromoflex Therapists registered with the Reflexology Association of Canada(RAC) and Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario(RRCO). Priyal is certified in Aromaflex therapy that combines the benefits of Reflexology and Aromatherapy . She has her Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and successfully completed her Foundation of Adult Teacher Training Certification. Priyal has also been working diligently as an Anatomy Physiology and Pathophysiology Instructor for Massage Therapy Programs for many years and has extensive knowledge in Health and Wellness. As part of Priyal’s protocol, she develops an individual treatment plan for her clients to help them regain health-equilibrium. She uses non-invasive pressure techniques to work on reflex points on the head, hands and feet to alleviate and relieve stress, fatigue and other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation, joint and knee pain, shoulder pain, leg and muscle cramps, dizziness and vertigo. Priyal completed numerous case studies where reflexology treatments were provided to clients with disorders such as stress, fibromyalgia, tension, headaches, colds, migraines and neuropathy. She is a strong advocate of healthy and clean living and has been involved with different charity organizations focusing on children’s health, nutrition and well-being.

Check out Priyal doing a quick demo for shoulder conditions.

Click here for more information about our Reflexology course.

For course location and start dates, visit our Course Calendar page.

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