Changes to the CMTO Quality Assurance Program (QAP) - What does this mean for you?

June 11, 2018

As all of you know by now, the CMTO has decided to change around the QAP to make Professional Development for RMTs a little more practical, beneficial, and just more enjoyable! We will no longer have a minimum number of continuing education units to report each cycle, and no longer have to scramble to get meaningless credits to meet these requirements.


We are super excited about this shift. ConEd Institute has one mission: To offer the highest quality of unique continuing educational opportunities that will enhance the knowledge and skills of our participants.  We simply want to be part of the professional growth of RMT’s. Kinesiologists, and personal trainers to contribute to elevating the level of healthcare in the global community.


So, what will these changes look like? First off, the new QAP is designed to allow RMT’s to determine how much and what type of learning they need to be more effective in their practice.  CMTO will provide resources to make learning strategies to ensure RMT’s are adding value to their practice. The new Self-Assessment Tool which will be available later this year, has been revised to be more user friendly and will outline essential competencies of practice. There will be a Professional Development/ Continuing Education action plan available for RMT’s to record what they have done to achieve the learning outcomes, reflect on it, and indicate how it will fit into their practice. The CMTO will also have annual education modules that are relevant to all RMT’s.


Enter ConEd Institute! We maintain our commitment to developing the most practical, interesting, evidence-based courses and fill in the gaps for healthcare professionals that formal education has left out. We will still challenge formal models of education to deliver material in a way that is directly applicable to your practice and will benefit you as a therapist and your clients. As always, we welcome all feedback and want to hear from you. What courses are you excited to take in 2018/2019 and if we don’t have it up yet we will do everything we can to deliver what you guys want to learn!


Be bold in your pursuit of education... 


The ConEd Team


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