It's been a super busy month...and we love it!!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to have our hand in the professional growth of so many therapists. Let's do a quick recap of the month shall we...

We launched our eLearning Modules early July and we are in the process of adapting even more of our seminars into this format. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, watch this quick video demonstration.

We started out the month with our Understanding Movement: Exercise Physiology - Energy Systems and Cardiorespiratoty Response to Training...taking you back to school.

We continued with our back to school theme with the original course in the Understanding Movement series - Biomechanical Considerations...

Awesome 2 days at our Advanced Joint Mobilizations workshop, Day 1 Peripheral Joint Mobilizations...

And Day 2, Axial Joint Mobilizations...

We talked all things Massage Therapy business at our RMT Business Seminar...

Our July start date for Reflexology called it a wrap yesterday...we will see y'all in 4 weeks for your exams.

We also hit the OSCE tutoring pretty hard this month - many one on one sessions took place in our office. We we super happy to hear the results from our past participants who wrote their exams in May and just recently received their successful happy to have you all as colleagues. We will be continuing our tutoring throughout the month of August.

We are taking a couple of weeks off from being in the classroom to recharge and jump into our August schedule.

We will be back on the road to London, Ont of our Record Keeping for Healthcare Professionals workshop on August 12.

Be sure to join us for our Athletic Taping Workshop August 18-19 in Toronto

Watch out for Musculoskeletal Anatomy Review on August 24th and the return of Advanced Joint Mobilizations August 25-26.

And the last on the hit list - "2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone" podcast where we have been pumping out episode after episode fill of information and interviews with some really sure to check it out.

Click the podcast logo and listen from our website. Be sure to subscribe on any of the following platforms:


Google Play










Be bold in your pursuit of education...

The ConEd Team

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