Excited about some NEW things we got goin on....

August has been a busy month, but now that the kids are back at school, it's time for us to pick up the pace!!! And by picking up the pace, we mean developing and delivering some new material - online eLearning Modules, in-class workshops, and some really cool things with our podcast.

We have teamed up with 2 Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists and have developed a Pelvic Health for Manual Therapists course. Pelvic health is an up and coming area of expertise and more and more patients are searching for therapists trained in alleviating pelvic floor dysfunction. With this course, you can expand your patient population and help those in need.​ This course will provide understanding of pelvic floor anatomy, dysfunctions and common conditions as well as providing practical knowledge of techniques that Manual Therapists can use in their practice to assist in treatment of pelvic floor conditions.

We have also added another course to our Online eLearning Modules. You can now take our Professionalism and Ethics seminar from the comfort of your home or office. As we move forward, we will continue to adapt some of our in-class seminars to this online format.

We also want to thank everyone for the positive feedback we have been getting about our podcast "2 Massage Therapists and a Micropohone". We have being putting forth our best efforts to keep pumping out episode after episode of some interesting stuff. So look out for some of our future episodes which include some Massage Therapy practice mentors from the US as well as an interview with the RMTAO, which should be hitting your ears very soon!!

And the last on the hit list is our obligatory look back on August's past courses.

The Athletic Taping crew

Advanced Joint Mobilizations workshop

Musculoskeletal Anatomy Review

Be bold in your pursuit of education...

The ConEd Team

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