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2019 is around the corner and as always that means ConEd is making moves. We cannot start off a new year without bringing in some new and exciting stuff for y’all. After every course here at ConEd we have each participant complete a course evaluation. We read each and every one of those and keep track of what you’re asking for. Every day we get emails, phone calls, and Facebook and Instagram messages asking us of we offer this kind of training or these kinds of courses or if we come to this city or that city. Don’t for a second think we are saying everything you wanna hear and not making it happen. Based on your feedback here is what we have going on for the upcoming year.

One-on-One Coaching / Mentoring Some of you have already taken advantage of this service but now we are finally advertising this and making it a regular offering available to the masses. If there is a course you are interested in but it is not being offered at a time that works for you, or if you feel you need a little extra help and would prefer more personalized attention, you can now book an appointment with an instructor to have one on one coaching in this area! To take advantage of one on one training, contact us to book an appointment.

Clinic / Team Coaching Are you a clinic owner? Do you want to get some additional training for your associates? ConEd will now be available to come to your clinic to train your staff in whichever area you feel is the most vital to the success of your clinic. To set up a clinic coaching session send us a request and we will work with you to customize a training program that fits your clinic's goals and mission statement.

Travel 2018 we definitely slowed down our travel. In 2017 we attempted to hold courses in different cities- London, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, and Barrie. As much as we loved coming to your city, the enrollment was not nearly as high as it was in Toronto so we decided to scale back. Well it seems that you guys really want to have ConEd in your city- so here we come. In 2019 we plan to take some of our more in demand courses on the road. Be sure to check our 2019 calendar regularly so you don’t miss when we come to you!

New Courses The end of 2018 brought on a few new and really awesome courses. We had our very first Pelvic Health for Manual Practitioners course in October and it SOLD OUT! So, by popular demand, we have added this course as a staple in our 2019 calendar. It will be offered quarterly next year but be sure to register quickly for the date you want because this course is going to fill up fast! We also revamped our business courses. We now offer a two-day Business course called Healthcare Business Entrepreneurship. It can be taken as a full weekend of business courses or can be broken up into two classes. Day one will be focused on business success strategies with everything from self-awareness to contracts to planning to budgeting to tax planning. Day two will be strictly Marketing strategies- both traditional and digital with a strong focus on branding. These two days will give therapists every tool they need to start, maintain, and be successful as a healthcare business. Coming in 2019 we will FINALLY be offering a Baseline Concussion Testing Course. Look for the details and dates coming soon!

We are so pumped for a new year. 2018 was an interesting one for us at ConEd. The changes to the CMTO Quality Assurance program definitely had an impact on us and left many of you confused about what was expected of you in terms of Continuing Education. What it also showed us is that you all recognize and appreciate the effort we put forth to bring you the highest quality of continuing education and we are feeling the love. In return, we will keep bringing you what you want! This may just be our last update of 2018, so we wish you all the best for the end of this year and hope the new brings forth even more happiness, health, and continued success. Thanks for letting us be part of your professional growth.

Be bold in your pursuit of education...

The ConEd Team

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