Hear what our participants had to say about our Athletic Taping workshop.

This taping course is extraordinarily comprehensive and useful. It was presented in an organized, clear, and concise manner. There is a perfect balance of theoretical and practical material. Mark was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to answer all my questions and clarify all concepts about taping. I will definitely be back for future courses.

Rachel Wayne, Physiotherapist

Newmarket, Ont.

The course instructor is very knowledgeable, experienced, and always willing to answer your questions. The course went at a pace appropriate for the participants to learn. I like the hands on experience,  background info and visual printable material. I'm ready to start taping!

F.T., RKin

Toronto, Ont.

Fantastic amount of hands on practical experiential learning.

Jackie Mungal, RMT.

Barrie, Ont.

You get what you put into this course. It's very hands on, and if you don't put your hands on, you're out of luck.

William Mungal, Kinesiology Student.

Barrie, Ont

Very east to follow and understand even though they pack a lot of information into one day.


Barrie, Ont

Great class! Very informative and hands on. Highly recommended.


Toronto, Ont.

Learn. Fun. Repeat.

Alina Gardner, RMT

Stouffville, Ont.

This course can assist those who are not athletic as you can use the taping techniques (with stability of joint etc). for random day to day injuries.


Toronto, Ont.

Guys - shaving is not critical, but it is definitely encouraged.

Zachary Bolton, RMT

Port Elgin, Ont.

Mark was very helpful, knowledgeable, and down to earth. Great teacher!

Brittney Lawson, RMT

London, Ont.

Quick / fast passed course. Reinforces learned material. Easy to follow / apply.

Deme Barlas, RMT

Oakville, Ont.

When they suggest you shave, do it!!

Anonymous, RMT

London, Ont.

Great class! Great techniques to add to my toolbox.

Lina Tolomei, RMT

Brampton, Ont.

Excellent blend of verbal instruction and demonstration / hands on practice.

Christine Logan, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Small class sizes. Focused and efficient. Effective material.

Anonymous, RMT

Mark is an extremely great teacher - explains things in a way that you understand and can apply this info at a later date. He is very knowledgeable on course subject as well as a number of additional topics. He is down to earth and easy going - makes for a great class atmosphere. The course was very good - something I will use for the remainder of my career. Lots of hands on work, but also topics covered well in Power Point Presentation. I will definitely be taking as may courses as possible with Mark and any other teacher from ConEd Institute.

Carolyn Code, RMT

Perth, Ont.

The course was very helpful and provide good knowledge of the taping. Mark is a very good instructor.


I am excited to be able to take my new knowledge and apply it to my clients. It will be great to see how much it benefits them! Our instructor was fantastic. He was knowledgeable, explained everything perfectly and moved at a pace that was neither boring or too fast.


Great hands on practical work.


This course is very useful for RMTs, PT, chiro etc. to help build up tools within your professional tool like.

Anonymous, Personal Trainer

Instructor was awesome. Small class was good size to move quick.

Anonymous, RMT.

Wallaceburg, Ont.

ConEd Institute offers very helpful and good courses. Instructor was really good and explained everything, also answered all the questions you had.

Anonymous, RMT.

Brampton, Ont.

This course was excellent, especially for therapists who are interested in working with athletes. Great instructor, great content.


London, Ont.

The ConEd course was very educational and interesting. It will be very helpful in my work as an RMT.


Brampton, Ont.

Learned lots. The practical application will be quickly applied in my practice.

Darcie Godwin, RMT

Sarnia, Ont.

A lot more than expected!!

Joe Edye, RMT

St. Marys, Ont.

I sound like a broken record but you really are so knowledgeable and this course was so much fun.

Mary Pilla, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Mark was an amazing instructor and really knows how to teach and get the ideas across.

Nicholas Abrametz, RMT

Sarnia, Ont.

I recommend RMTs to take this course. I learned a lot to help my clinical practice.

Xinsheng Liu, RMT

Markham, Ont.

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