Hear what our participants had to say about our Pelvic Health for Manual Therapists course.

Sarah and Emily were very knowledgeable and helpful. Course material was clear ad well presented with lots of hands on practical time. Greatly enjoyed and fell I can implement this immediately in my practice.

Pamela Lawson, RMT.

Kitchener, Ont.

So informative and detailed. Hands on was extremely helpful and helped me understand the course better.


Burlington, Ont.

Excellent Pelvic Health course. Great review of anatomy, physiology, techniques. Fast paced so study / review ahead can help to prepare for the course. Great hands on and labs. Instructors are passionate, knowledgeable, friendly and eager to share the knowledge. 

Laura Shilliday, RMT.

Manitoulin Island, Ont.

Helpful for self care, pregnancy, and post pregnancy care.

Anonymous, RMT.

Courtice, Ont.

Excellent information that has been presented in a relatable manner!

A.S., RMT.

Bowmanville, Ont.

Great content that focuses on anything related to pelvic health and how to incorporate it into your practice. Made me feel more confident using these techniques in my practice.

Megan Moore, RMT.

Orillia, Ont.

Very helpful, good anatomy review. More confident, mindful of pelvic floor movement and joints.

Brittany O'Brien, RMT.

Almonte, Ont.

RMTs...you need to take this course. Pelvic Health is the final gap in  information that we need to effectively treat our patients low back pain, shoulder, neck, hip. It all relates to this course

Lindsay Shepstone, RMT.

Hamilton, Ont.

Course material was very relateable / useful for current patient treatments. Several times during the course, it made me think about how to implement skills into treatment plans.

A.C.F., RMT.

Concord, Ont.

Sarah and Emily did a fantastic job tailoring the subject matter to Massage Therapy. They were very informative and personable. Awesome course!

Cathryn Wood, RMT.

Orillia, Ont.

Instructors were knowledgeable and often had the answers to our questions already qued up before we even asked. Really appreciated the mix of theoretical and hands on practice.

C.C., RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

I have a much more thorough understanding of the body as a whole. I can't wait to put what i learned into my practice. My confidence level is much better.

K.P., RMT.

London, Ont.

Very informative and useful information we can easily put into practice right away.

J.L., RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

A great tool to add to your tool box because there is a large population that would benefit from this knowledge.

Joy Gamble, RMT.

Schomberg, Ont.

Emily and Sarah were both knowledgeable and presented clearly. It was great to connect the info and see where I can implement as an RMT.

Julie Carlin, RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

Very thorough and effective with techniques, assessments, etc. that I feel I can apply to my treatments right away. Very satisfied with my course in Pelvic Health.

K.B., RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

Tangible, Practical, Usable, Affordable, Hands-on, Not long and tedious.

Deme Barlas, RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

Amazing course that can be applied to practice right away. The instructors are full of useful information.

B.B., RMT.

Orilla, Ont.

Sarah and Emily are very knowledgeable and did an excellent job at translating the material into an RMTs personal practice.

Roxanne Collins, RMT.

Orilla, Ont.

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