Hear what our participants had to say about our Reflexology course.

This course helped me a lot with understanding my body, understanding people on a more physical and mental level. The instructors are very kind, friendly, patient and knowledgeable. They made it very easy to learn. I really appreciate the sharing of real life events with respect to Reflexology treatments. I felt very comfortable and was able to gain a useful perspective in a very relaxed and welcoming environment. Thank you!

Akeela Baksh, RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

It's a fantastic, thorough course with exceptional hand on experience.

Jamey Mihalich, RMT.

Sarnia, Ont.

ConEd put on a very thorough course on Reflexology. In addition, communication and material presented was top notch. Thanks for providing me the education so I can add a new technique to my practice.

T.N., RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

Instructors were very thorough with the material and very receptive to the needs of the group.

Joyce Szeto, RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

Our Instructor was very knowledgeable about course content and responsive to questions about theory, practical, and patient feedback.

N.R., RMT.

Ingersoll, Ont.

Very thorough. Prepares you extremely well.

Bridget Smith-Vertatschitsch, RMT.

Stoney Creek, Ont.

Good review of the systems. Great information, easy to follow. Anticipate a lot of homework.

M.D., RMT.

Oakville, Ont.

The instructor had experience and was knowledgeable in Reflexology. The course was fun, exciting, and very interesting.

M.C., RMT.

Ingersoll, Ont.

This course was worth the time. The knowledge I learned was great and I will use it in practice and life. So very worthwhile.

Anonymous, RMT.

The instructors are friendly, approachable, and respond to questions with a thorough answer.

A.W., RMT.

Oakville, Ont.

The owner and the instructors are both very approachable and accessible, being well equipped with their professionalism

V.Y., RMT.

Toronto, Ont.

Excellent teachers / class environment.

Anonymous, RMT.

It's intense (course workload). A lot of work outside of attendance, but all of the extra work validates and solidifies your understanding of the material and increases your confidence in the use of the modalities.

C.D., RMT.

Port Perry, Ont.

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