Advanced Joint Mobilizations 

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Joint Mobilizations are one of the most effective tools a Manual Therapist can use in the course of treating various conditions.  However, joint mobilizations are among one of the most misunderstood concepts in some education and training programs, leaving this valuable skill underutilized. Some educational programs barely scratch the surface when it comes to joint mobilizations, leaving the majority of therapists with very little experience and ill confidence when mobilizing peripheral joints, the joints of the spine, costovertebral joints, SI joint, and TMJ.  These are essential manual skills that every therapist should possess with a level of proficiency, as would be expected from other health care professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other manual therapists.

Learn a different approach to joint mobilizations that still remain within the Scope of Practice

The Course Instructors are from a variety of Health Care Disciplines:

Kinesiology and Exercise Therapy, Massage Therapy

For those interested in only the Peripheral Joint Mobilizations course,  click here for details and registration.

For those interested in only the Axial Joint Mobilizations course,  click here for details and registration.


14 hours

Delivery Model:

In Class Workshop (2 days)


Module 1: Joint Mobilization: Back to Basics

  • Review the arthrokinematics for various joints

  • Discuss the relationship between joint osteokinematics and arthrokinematics

  • Discuss indications and contraindications of joint mobilizations

Module 2: Peripheral Joint Mobilizations

  • Theoretical and practical exploration of various types and applications of joint mobilizations for the apendicular skeleton

    • Shoulder Complex

    • Elbow

    • Wrist and Hand

    • Hip

    • Knee

    • Ankle and Foot 

  • Learn how to incorporate basic joint mobilization effectively into treatment

  • Mobilizations with movement

Module 3: Axial Mobilizations

  • Learn advanced joint mobilization for:

    • TMJ

    • Upper Cervical Spine

    • Lower Cervical Spine

    • Thoracic Spine

    • Costovertebral Joints

    • Lumbar Spine

    • Pelvic Joints

  • Learn how to incorporate joint mobilization effectively into treatment

  • Mobilization with movement

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

Read what past participants had to say about our Joint Mobilizations courses...

Mark's knowledge of Kinesiological Anatomy was incredible. The way he presented information and applications was easy to follow. If you want to learn about articulation and mobilization, this is a great course.

Edward Moore, DOMP

Digby, NS.

The course was super informative and the practical portion was amazing. Even in a class of multiple people, one on one attention was given. Awesome course, will definitely return ton ConEd for future courses.

Nicole Clarke, RKin

Burlington, Ont.

Great review of joint functions which made learning new mobilization techniques really effective and applicable. Mark was very knowledgeable, personable, and fun.

Hailee Valtin, RMT

North Bay, Ont.

It's a great refreshing course. Plus gives lots of new knowledge. The pace is great. Mark gives and pays attention to everyone.

Oleksandra Markunina, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Very informative. Excellent review / refresher. Mark is the man - he knows his stuff!

Kyle Perks, RMT, DOMP

Mississauge, Ont.

It's an amazing review and even more material of what I learned in school.

Sherri LIsk, RMT

Subbury, Ont.

Very knowledgeable. Great course. Lots of info.


Wawa, Ont.

The course offered very detailed and in-depth information / techniques applicable to joint mobilizations of the entire body. The instructor is very knowledgeable and comfortable with the material which made absorbing the info really easy. It is a lot of info thrown at you, so having a clear mind, good sleep / good nutrition helps with staying focused during the course.


Brampton, Ont.

This was a great course and offered a lot of information about mobilization techniques which are and will be useful for my practice. As a Kinesiologist, I am now able to offer my clients a more holistic treatment with great results.

C.L., RKin

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont.

Very informative. Charged, fast paced, kept us interested. Going to be using lots of these techniques in my practice.


Val Caron, Ont.

Wow! Very informative, interactive, and practical. Good take home stuff that you can use in your clinic the next day. Loved it!

Lisa Gollan, RKin

Hamilton, Ont.

Mark's dedication to effective teaching exceeded my expectations. All of my questions were answered with clarity and precision. The theory was very comprehensive and focused

Brydget van Lankveld

London, Ont.

One of my favorite courses I've every taken! Really enjoyed the material and the pace!

Bo Parsons, Personal Trainer

London, Ont.

This is the second course I`ve taken with Mark and he has amazing knowledge of the material and human anatomy just flow naturally.

James Collins, RMT

Ottawa, Ont.

Very fun course with a lot of hands-on work. Practical course really helps to use the knowledge very quickly in the workplace. Love the course. The teacher was very kind and helpful!


Brampton, Ont.

Practical thinking coupled with great hands on experience. Great instructor to student ratio.

Ryan Koorneef, RKin

Lindsay, Ont.

So many good and effective new techniques I didn't learn in school. Can't wait to try everyday.


London, Ont.

Very effective techniques with instant measurable outcomes.

Anonymous, RMT, DOMP

Hamilton, Ont.

Great for Massage Therapists and Manual Practitioners to take their skill set to to the next level.

Given Cortes, RMT

Little Current, Ont.

Small class size. Instructor (Mark) thorough, answered all questions took his time to answer questions. Did not let the class get distracted or off topic. Exactly what I was looking for. Not overwhelmed with any of the written work. Also got treated throughout. Thanks


Richmond Hill, Ont.

Come ready to learn by doing. Great hands on learning. Day 2 (Axial Joint Mobilizations) is very in depth and fast paced, so bring your A game to make the most of it.

Anonymous, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

This course took my knowledge and comfort with joint mobilizations to another level. Highly recommended.


Port Hope, Ont.

This course is depth in knowledge of mobs and direct hands on practice.

Gaurav Singra, DOMP

Toronto, Ont.

Lots of info, good value for money.


Toronto, Ont.

Useful practical knowledge and application.


Peterborough, Ont.

It is a very informative and detailed course.. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues and friends.


Niagara Falls, Ont.

Being able to evolve on your joint mobs skills and knowledge.

Anonymous, RMT

Great interactive class. Felt much more comfortable with joint mobilizations after the course. Met my needs 100%.


Great and efficient. Smooth and fast pace.

Anonymous, RMT

Mark has a very wide knowledge on the subject matter.


Lots of hands-on which was a valuable learning experience.

Lisa Grahm, RMT

Innisfil, Ont.

Excellent instructor. Material presented effectively.

Connie Johnson-Couto, RMT

Aurora, Ont.

Great way to review and expand on learning in school.


Toronto, Ont.

Fantastic course! Well organized and well presented!

Nathan MacIntyre, RMT

London, Ont.

Our instructor Mark was great! Very intelligent and helpful! I felt I was in good hands.


Hamilton, Ont.

It was very informative! A lot of material covered, but very thorough and easy-going!

Deborah Saroca, RMT

Scarborough, Ont.

Mark taught in a simple and easy way. He inspired me practically.

Anonymous, RMT

London, Ont.

Great, dynamic course. Covered a tremendous amount of material - great review.

Anonymous, RMT

Muskoka, Ont.

Hold on to your hats cause the pace is non stop.

Fredrick Russel Le Feuvre, RMT

Guelph, Ont.