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Anatomy Workshop - Human Anatomy Laboratory

$225 + HST

Registration Closes May 17


The Human Anatomy Program at the University of Guelph hosts many curriculum-relevant educational sessions. Students enrolled in health-based courses at ConEd Institute have the opportunity to participate in cadaver-based learning workshops. The interactive setting offered by the Human Anatomy Program at the University of Guelph gives participants the opportunity to study and review anatomical structures and relationships that are foundational to health-care practices. Participants will be guided by human anatomy facilitators through major regions of the body, with a focus on musculature and osteology. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore major anatomical structures associated with the thorax, abdomen, brain, spinal cord and more! 


3 hours


Delivery Model:

Onsite Educational Laboratory-Based Workshop at the Human Anatomy Laboratory at University of Guelph.


Upper Limb

  • Osteology

  • Musculature​

  • Neurovasculature​

Lower Limb

  • Osteology

  • Musculature​

  • Neurovasculature


  • Osteology

  • Musculature



  • Thoracic Viscera

  • Respiratory Diaphragm



  • Viscera

  • Posterior Abdominal Wall 

  • Pelvic Diaphragm

Nervous System

  • Brain

  • Spinal Cord

  • Brachial Plexus

  • Lumbar Plexus​

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

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