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Assessments Review For RMTs


$350 + HST

Live Stream

$350 + HST


This course is designed to assist Registered Massage Therapists in becoming familiar and comfortable with the assessment process.  Many Massage Therapists working in multidisciplinary settings have come to rely on the initial assessment of their patient / client being performed by a physiotherapist or chiropractor, the primary health care provider.  Many Massage Therapists simply lack the confidence and / or have failed to retain the knowledge of assessments taught through their formal education.  The pressure to please the patient / client, get them "on the table" and provide them with a "1 hour massage" also plays a significant role in the under use of the assessments process.   As well, statistically, the assessments stations at the Ontario licensing exam are poorly performed.  A combination of  all the above factors is the driving force behind the Orthopedic Assessments Review for RMTs.


Assessments are a systematic method utilized for the purpose of gathering information to make informed decisions about therapy. Assessments are also used to chart the progress, plateauing, and /or regression of a patient’s / client’s condition.


A Diagnosis is a determination or conclusion of the cause of signs and symptoms of a given condition. Diagnosing conditions / disease is a controlled act under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA). Only those permitted under the RHPA can perform a diagnosis.


"Communicating to the individual or his/her personal representative a diagnosis identifying a disease or disorder as the cause of symptoms of the individual in circumstances in which it is reasonably forseeable that the individual or his/her personal representative will rely on the diagnosis." RHPA.


By the end of this course, the participant will:

  • Understand the principles of assessments.

  • Understand the importance of health history screening.

  • Gather subjective and objective information through various types of pain and non-pain related questioning, open end and closed ended questioning.

  • Obtain client interview skills.

  • Perform general and specific observations including posture and gait analysis.

  • Understand and practice the use of the active free range of motion, passive relaxed range of motion, end feel assessment, active resisted range of motion, grading of muscle strength.

  • Understand and practice special orthopedic testing on various joint and structures of the body.

  • Understand and practice neurological testing of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system including myotomes, dermotomes, deep tendon reflexes, and upper limb tension tests.

  • Obtain the essential critical thinking skills to develop a clinical impression as to a patient’s / client’s condition


16 hours 


Delivery Model:

In-class or Live Stream (2 days)


Module 1: Introduction to Assessments

  • Principles of assessments

  • Health history screening

  • Patient / Client Interview


Module 2: Observations


Module 3: Range Of Motion Assessment

  • Active free range of motion

  • Passive relaxed range of motion, end feel assessment

  • Active resisted range of motion, grading of muscle strength


Module 4: Orthopedic Assessments for Common Injuries / Conditions for:

  • Shoulder Complex

  • Elbow Complex

  • Forearm, Wrist, Hand

  • Pelvis and SI Joint

  • Hip Joint

  • Knee Joint

  • Foot and Ankle

  • Spine: C/S, T/S, L/S and Neurological Testing – Reflexes, Myotomes, Dermatomes


Module 5: Clinical impression development and differential diagnosis

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

Read what past participants had to say about our assessments courses...

It was a bit intimidating when you realize how much information you have lost over the years. Mark's knowledge of the body and the tests is amazing. The recall for muscle, joint, bony structures, and attachments is incredible.

James Collins, RMT

Ottawa, Ont.

Assessments has never been one of my strong points in my practice, and after this course I feel very confident! Thanks Mark!

Jennifer Scriven, RMT

Campbellford, Ont.

Very knowledgeable, efficient instructor. I'd definitely recommend the course.

Anonymous, RMT

Vineland, Ont.

The course was well laid out and paced with Mark being an excellent instructor. He was very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable.

David Steyr RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Excellent course facilitated by a personable and knowledgeable instructor.

Tara Matte, RMT

Petawawa, Ont.

It was a good pace and the instructor has an exceptional level of knowledge. It's casual and fun and very informative.

Anonymous, RMT

A tremendously useful course!


Oshawa, Ont.

Instructor is very knowledgeable. Content delivered clearly and effectively.


Toronto, Ont.

Mark was knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Eleanor Hayward, RMT

Burlington, Ont.

Very knowledgeable teacher, great hands on practicum.

Anonymous, RMT

Very thorough with content and knowledgeable instructors.

Dana Goodfellow, RMT

Belleville, Ont.

Mark managed to cover all the essentials of the assessments protocol in a 3 day period. It would benefit all RMTs to take a course like this once they are practicing and school is behind them.

Benjamin Roesner, RMT

Statford, Ont.

Mark is one of the best instructors I've ever had. His many years of teaching and course development are evident in his ability to communicate the material effectively. As RMTs, we learn all this material in school - Mark brings a joy of the subject matter that encourages me to want to reintroduce and reincorporate it in my clinical life.


London, Ont.

This course was well organized and Mark was considerate and kept everyone involved. Mark was very knowledgeable and shared with modest enthusiasm. A great class and way to earn 10 CEUs.

Rachel Clarke-Smith, RMT

Niagar Falls, Ont.

This course is a thorough review of assessments. Mark demonstrated passion, patience, and complete understanding of human anatomy and physiology. I learned a lot from this experience.

Jennifer Rankin, RMT

Newmarket, Ont.

Information was thorough and effectively translated. Plenty of hands on time. Great course, would recommend to all.

Connie Johnson-Couto, RMT

Aurora, Ont.

Great review of the material of orthopedic assessments. The presenter was very knowledgeable about the material and anatomy.

Barbara Vivienne Blaj, RMT

Loretto, Ont.

It's relatable to real life experiences in a practical setting.


Toronto, Ont.

Great course to refresh knowledge and skills about assessments and identifying factors to clients pathologies, injuries, etc.


Sudbury, Ont.

It's an excellent review.


Bradford, Ont.

This course is a really good practical review.

Meghann Rudorfer, RMT

London, Ont.

Very interactive and hands on. Group discussions and discussing real life scenarios or case studies and relate it to your treatments, or apply it your treatments. This class give you the opportunity to refresh your knowledge and understanding in a practical manner.


Milton / Brampton, Ont.

Straight forward, great refresher and it definitely tries to get you to rethink how you approach assessments or even get back to doing them again / more thoroughly with confidence.


Toronto, Ont.

It can be very useful for you daily practice.

Cindy Rito, RMT

Thornhill, Ont.

A great practical review of assessments that filled in the blanks of what was missing post college. Wish I took a course like this years ago. Improved my confidence in performing assessments and look forward to incorporate them into my practice more thoroughly.

Anonymous, RMT

Very well presented. Instructor knew his subject material well.


Overall it was great. He stopped to answer questions needed to make things clearer for us.


London, Ont.

Great refresher for practicing RMTs. We tend to use some tests and forget others or allow other practitioners to do our testing (physio, chiro, etc.). It is important we do our own as we may be the only one doing it or may see something missed by someone else. Great information. Fantastic / dynamic instructor.​


St. Thomas, Ont.

Refreshing review is just what the doctor ordered after 3 years out of school. It also adds real world tips and suggestions about being an RMT.

Curtis Ballance, RMT

Mississauga, Ont.

Exceptional course with a very knowledgeable instructor. Plenty of content covered with several different teaching styles used.


New Liskeard, Ont.

The assessments course is great! Good way to refresh knowledge about assessments, especially for RMTs who have been in practice for a while.

Rowena Bargo, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

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