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Thu, Jun 25


Live Stream Education Day

Live Stream Education Day

Welcome to the ConEd Institute 1 Day Live Stream Education Event.

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Live Stream Education Day
Live Stream Education Day

Time & Location

Jun 25, 2020, 9:30 a.m. – 9:45 p.m.

Live Stream Education Day

About The Event


Neural Mobilizations for Manual Therapists

Presenter: Richard Lebert

 An overview of neural mobilization, a form of manual therapy that aims to assess and address irritated peripheral nerves.

Richard Lebert is an educator and health care professional with a focus on interprofessional collaboration and person-centred care. He is Associate Faculty in The School of Health Science, Community Services and Creative Design at Lambton College and a Registered Massage Therapist with over ten years of experience. In addition to his training as a massage therapist, Richard has certification in Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University and a Certificate of Online and Open Learning from The University of Windsor.

Richard has created an open access e-book for massage therapists titled Evidence-Based Massage Therapy: A Guide for Clinical Practice.


Refining Your Health History Intake: How To Spot and Examine a Patient for Red Flags

Pathophysiology of Concussion

Presenter: Conor Collins

Conor will begin his presentation by reviewing the current evidence concerning the pathophysiology of concussion. 

He will then discuss the importance of developing a systematic approach to creating a thorough health history for someone that has suffered a concussion. 

He will cover both yellow and red flag recognition, appropriate questions to ask, and guidelines for referral to the appropriate healthcare providers when necessary. 

While it is important to recognize a concussion, it is equally as important to recognize what is not a concussion!

If you currently are hesitant when dealing with a concussion or post-concussion patient that is in your office or want to refine your current skillset, this discussion is for you. 

Conor Collins is a Canadian massage therapist and has been practicing and teaching in Ontario for 13 years. As both a massage therapist and sports injury therapist, Conor provides a unique approach to clinical practice by combining disciplines of manual therapy and movement-based rehabilitation strategies.

Conor shares a special interest in concussion management. His passion is to help massage therapists better understand the nervous system and its role following a concussion injury. Conor’s goal is to help educate massage therapists worldwide and help them to become leaders in the concussion management space. 

Conor is the owner of a private multidisciplinary clinic just outside of Toronto, Ontario. While not in clinical practice, he is on faculty at Mohawk College in the massage therapy program. He is also the producer of the podcast, “The Concast”, where he discusses the manual therapy industry from an evidence-based perspective. 

Throughout his career, Conor has  had the pleasure of working major sporting events such as the Pan Am games, as well as managing athletes and consulting for national-level and club teams in both the NHL and NCAA.


Movement Fundamentals: A Practical Approach for Application to Assessments and Remedial Exercises

Presenter: Rob Haddow

Do you assess or assign homecare? This is a simple step back from assessments and remedial exercises, to the movements involved in each, how they relate to each other and how they inform our decision making process.

Rob is a registered massage therapist and a sports injury therapist located in Oakville, Ontario. As a clinician and educator, he takes an evidence informed approach to holistic care, with a particular focus on movement and play in rehab. As an Ehlers Danlos patient, he focuses a great deal of his own personal time on movement, strength training, and self empowerment.


Triage in Massage Therapy

Presenter: Chris Semenuk

In School, Massage Therapists were taught how to perform assessments, but were not really taught about the process of how to actually Triage patients. This has become a new concept that many in the profession of RMT have been exposed to. For Chris, and a few RMT’s in Ontario; this concept has been in their toolbelt from the get-go. Chris will discuss what he has learned working with athletes, and building a Massage Therapy program. This valuable information will set you up for how to incorporate it into your practice in a fair, and manageable way for the benefit of your patients.

Conditions Assessed Outside of Scope

Presenter: Chris Semenuk

In the process of learning how to assess, RMTs were given a very important component of their professional repetoire. We know what to do when we positively assess a condition that is “In Scope”, but what do you do when you assess something as a positive that is “outside of Scope”? This component of the program will discuss what is expected of an RMT, and how to go above-and-beyond for your patient.

Chris has been an RMT since 2001. In his 19+ years of being Registered, Chris has done many things for, and with, the profession. He has been a Professor, and CEU Educator, of Massage Therapy; most notibly being the Architect of the Fanshawe Massage Therapy Program. Since 2001 he has been Head of Massage Therapy at Western University for Track & Field, as well as Cross Country. More recently he has added being a Consultant for Massage Therapsits with creating Atlas Consulting & Education for Health Professionals.


Fascial Connection Seminar 

Presenter: Sue Ruhe

This is an introduction to what fascia is, and as body therapists, why we should know how to work with it. When we can tap into the fascial system we can find connections that help to eliminate pain and anxiety within the body. We also need to learn how to explain and educate this practice to our clients in order for them to receive a better understanding of the connections that exist within them. At the end of this session I will guide you through a self-care practice that will allow you to begin to feel how working with fascia, slowly and gently, can yield such tremendous results. 

Have a yoga mat and 2 pillows available. 

Sue Ruhe B.A., R.M.T., is an Intuitive Myofascial Release Therapist, who taps into the physical and emotional traumas that lie deep within our cells. She has been evolving her practice for over 12 years, helping her clients shift restricted areas found within the fascial matrix, to create more fluidity and alignment within the body. In doing so, she has been able to help her clients overcome the anxiety they unknowingly hang onto, so that they can move beyond it. Sue lives in London Ontario Canada, with her partner Jared, and their angel daughter Avalina. She was recently published in a book called ‘The Great Canadian Woman - She is Strong and Free’, and is the host of the Love Your Cells Podcast. Ultimately, her mission is to help guide the next generation of humans with understanding and loving their bodies.


Training Breathing Technique To Improve Trunk Stability

Presenter: Angela Pereira

Disordered breathing affects 70% of the world. Majority of humans are mouth breathers, lifting our ribcages with our chest and neck muscles for oxygen intake. We fail to generate the critically important nitric oxide in our sinus cavities and have a very low tolerance to the hormone carbon dioxide which our tissues need.

This session will walk participants through a simple lesson in respiratory physiology, a review of the mechanics of breathing, discuss the interplay between the vagus nerve and the sympathetic nervous system, as well as to understand the vital   collaboration between the diaphragm, pelvic floor, and abdominal muscles. We will also provide a checklist to improve breathing mechanics, and a program with breathing exercises to down regulate the nervous system and uplevel trunk stability.

Angela started her continuing education company, First Line Education Inc. in 2007. Her and her team deliver a wide range of continuing education courses for kinesiologists and other movement therapists. She also has a wellness practice that not only   includes kinesiology services but yoga and holistic nutrition counselling as well. 

Angela has been recognized as an “Educational Influential” by the Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA) and the Institute for Work and Health and she has also been president of the OKA during the period of regulation. She volunteered with the association for over a decade. Angela’s volunteer work also includes The University of Waterloo’s Alumni council where she helped to develop a mental health strategy for the university.

Angela has published articles in many well-known publications, been interviewed on CBC radio, presented education programs to colleges and universities across Canada, at national and international health conferences, and other large businesses. 


Massage Therapist Success Mindset

Presenter: Richard Platt

Being a business owner & entrepreneur is tough, sometimes stressful, and not for the faint of heart; however, it can be achieved by pretty much anyone who has the right mindset which propels them into the direction of achieving what they really want out of their career. Business Mindset Coach and Published Author Richard J Platt, is going to show you how to begin thinking and acting like the successful massage entrepreneur who creates amazing results in their business, that every one of us has the potential to become.

Richard J Platt is a Massage Therapist since 2002 and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2006, who studied in both Canada and Germany. Richard owned and operated a multidisciplinary wellness center before retiring from hands-on work in 2011. Richard now lives in Vancouver, BC and coaches massage therapists and other body workers through his online digital programs, with the goal of empowering his students to bridge the gap between what they truly want in their careers, and the achievement of it.

Richard is passionate about helping others accelerate their professional growth and development though the progressive understanding of the how the human mind creates desired outcomes, and taking action on that knowledge.


Precautions/Contraindications to Pregnancy Massage.

Presenter: Cindy McNeely

Through training  Massage Therapy for Pregnancy for decades, it is apparent that there are still many, many misconceptions of what type of bodywork is safe during Pregnancy and why/why not. In this session, Cindy will seek to clarify some of the common myths/concerns of Pregnancy Massage such that the participant will feel more confident in the work they do with this population group. Bring Your Questions as interaction is my favoured way to teach!

Cindy McNeely, R.M.T. is the owner of Trimesters:  Massage Therapy Education. A leader in the Canadian field for 25 years, Cindy runs a range of trainings in Pregnancy, Labour Support, and M.T. with Infants & Children. She has also run a student based training at a Level III Toronto hospital since 1995 working within the higher risk pregnant unit, maternal-newborn unit, and Labour & Delivery.


Chi Nei Tsang

Presenter: Andre De Cairos

Chi Nei Tsang/Abdominal Detoxification is an ancient Taoist practice that focuses on detoxifying the organs through vigorous massage techniques applied directly to the abdomen. This treatment is exceptional at maintaining and treating the health of the organs. In this lecture I will be discussing the origins of Chi Nei Tsang, some basic Chinese Medicine Theory as it relates to Chi Nei Tsang and the emotional and energetic effects of Chi Nei Tsang treament.

Andre DeCairos is an RMT with 15 years of experience. His interests in eastern medicine and philosophy led to several trips to Thailand to study one on one with thai monks and masters in traditional thai massage and chi nei tsang. Further study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Chi kung and the combination of these eastern and western principles in treatment led to drastic improvements in the quality of his clients care. Andre’s mission is now to share his knowledge and experience with others who share his passion for learning and to open their minds to the pursuit of improving themselves as well as those in their care withe the best of both worlds; east and west.

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