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OSCE Preparation

$800 + HST

 $250 + HST

Individual Days

OSCE Preparation


This practical workshop is designed for candidates who are either making a first attempt at the OSCE or have previous unsuccessful attempts.


Registration options:

  1. All 4 days - $800 + HST​

  2. Choose individual days - $250 + HST per day

Our OSCE Preparation does NOT re-teach information that was previously studied through formal Massage Therapy education. We focus on understanding the expectations, technical requirements, critical thinking skills, and performance involved in each station. We believe that a successful candidate is proactive in their studies, therefore the greatest success can only come from individuals who are willing to self study based on our recommended study plan.

Contact us for details or to apply to our OSCE Preparation program.

A consultation is required prior to registration. Send us a message to schedule your consultation.

Delivery Model:

In Class or Virtual


Module 1: Day 1

Client Interview and Treatment Plan / Consent

  • Review of relevant Standards of Practice

  • Understand the expecations of the candidate

  • Discuss effective communication and critical thinking

  • Instructor lead practical demonstrations

  • Supervised practical session with instructor feedback

Module 2: Day 2

Remedial Exercise and Self Care

  • Review of Relevant Standards of Practice

  • Understand the expectations of the candidate

  • ​Discuss effective communication, critical thinking, technical requirements, exercise protocols and procedures

  • Instructor lead practical demonstrations

  • Supervised practical session with instructor feedback

Module 3: Day 3

Treatment and Techniques

  • Review of Relevant Standards of Practice and Massage Therapy Principles

  • Review of Techniques: uses, effects, CI’s

  • Understand the expecations of the candidate

  • ​Discuss effective communication, critical thinking, technical requirements, and treatment approach

  • Instructor lead practical demonstrations

  • Supervised practical session with instructor feedback


Module 4: Day 4


  • Review of Relevant Standards of Practice

  • Understand the expectations of the candidate

  • Discuss effective communication, critical thinking, technical requirements for palpation and assessments​

  • Instructor lead practical demonstrations

  • Supervised practical session with instructor feedback

Delivery Model:

In Class Coaching / Mentoring

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

Read what past participants had to say...

Thank goodness for ConEd Institute... seriously! Had it not been for Mark, I would have gone into my MCQ and OSCE completely unorganized, unprepared and un-focused. Mark's patience, understanding and the ability to recognize when you need the extra help is just incredible...not only did he help me gain the confidence to pass, but, I actually have so much clarity as to the bigger picture. I can understand that price may be an issue for some...however, investing in ConEd Institute is well worth it - I've invested in a few different tutors/ prep classes and ConEd by far exceeds what else is out there! Not to mention, all of the other course offerings they have to offer...Caution: it's addicting!!! I want to and will take every course offering because the knowledge I gain after leaving ConEd is worth every penny! Thank you so much ConEd Institute! Mark, I am and will be forever grateful to have crossed paths with you in the Massage Therapy world! The support you give to ALL students does not go unnoticed. Thank you 🙏 Keep staying awesome! 🙌👊🤘

Ali Lucas

Mississauga, Ont.


On my first attempt at the OSCEs I failed by 3%. I was down, upset at myself and didn’t know how I could do this alone. Taking the OSCE prep course is something I knew I had to do. I called Mark that same day and said I need help. He walked me through all my choices and decided to do the one on one training. It was by far the best thing I could do for my career. He is so knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable and helps you be prepared for this exam. I never could have done it without him. I am forever grateful because on my second attempt I passed and it was the happiest day of my life. Now I can start my long awaited career and it was all because Mark helped me feel prepared for it. Thank you thank you thank you!

Rossella Sibilla

Toronto, Ont.

OMG Mark!!! Holy shit!!

I passed my OSCE and I never could have done it without you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in me and paying attention to how I learn and not judging me for my learning style.

You were patient, straight up, and you made things simple!

Me and my mom thank you!!! I AM AN RMT!!!!!!


I would like to express my sincere Gratitude for the classes you provide. Mark is a great teacher and professional. He is very knowledgeable and always to the point. His passion for the massage therapy education and practice is contagious. After the one-on-one OSCE prep with Mark, I went to my exam very confident and well prepared. Mark doesn't leave any unanswered questions and he gives tons of helpful advice and feedback. I am grateful that I took the course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is about to go to OSCE exam. I am forever grateful for the knowledge I gained from Mark and I am looking forward to take other classes offered by ConEd Institute.
Silviya S

Niagara Falls, Ont.

They really know their industry. Mark has a fantastic delivery and teaching method and was very professional to work with. He was very generous with his time, offered to bring someone else in to help, and was very patient with me when I was really really nervous about my OSCEs. Definitely an asset to the massage community to have an educational treasure such as ConEd. Thanks, i'll be back :)

Andrea Wicks-Cherry

Brantford, Ont.

I cannot thank Mark enough for helping prep me for my OSCE. Mark not only gave the most perfessional and well laid out OSCE prep, but he went above and beyond with answering questions afterward and keeping in touch ensuring I felt prepared. I would recommend Coned and Mark to any graduate for OSCE prep (especially those who had to wait to take OSCE in 2020) and I will 100% be taking many future courses at Coned.

I am truly thankful for the training I received at Con Ed. Institute. When I came in the doors, feeling discouraged and disheartened, Mark quickly sat down with me and listened before we charged ahead. I took his 1 day OSCE prep course after 2 failed attempts and I can say with 100% certainty that he is a major part of my success on the 3rd try. He broke down each station with ease, touched on many items I had missed and made me feel confident to go home and practice the skills. I would recommend ConEd to anyone struggling, they won't disappoint!

Christina Downey

Hi Mark, I want to inform you that with your tutoring I was able to pass my OSCE!! I wouldn’t have been able to pass my OSCE for the second time round if it wasn’t for your help and knowledge. Thank you.


The most amazing experience i went into this course so discouraged but after just the first class for the OSCE prep it really opened my eyes. Mark was fantastic and really takes the time to set out a stright forward outline for you to follow. Proud to say that Coned gave me the encouragement to better myself and pass my OSCE exam. Look forward to doing future workshops with this team.

Brittney Little

Hamilton, Ont.

I was on my final try for my OSCE exam after two previous failures, but thanks to Mark and his amazing teachings, history did not repeat itself a third time. I passed my OSCE because of Mark. I signed up for his one on one four day OSCE prep course and we went through everything, every room, every technique, every stretch and exercise, with unbelievable detail. He even fixed at least half of the assessments I'd been incorrectly taught in school (DO NOT GET RATTRAY FOR ASSESSMENTS!!!). He went over each one until I got it down. He is so patient and supportive and always ended each success with a fist bump.

Mark's knowledge is astounding. He makes up stems to practice on the spot. He'll write you quick lines if you're having trouble getting out what you want to say. He explains what the markers are looking for. He is worth every penny. Seriously.

Kailie Bill

Kingston, Ont.

Coming from out of Province, I was unsure as to how to study for, and what to expect from the OSCE. Thankfully I found ConEd Institute's OSCE Prep program. Mark responded right away, answering my initial questions, and tailored a 4 day one on one program specific to my needs. The whole experience was fantastic and I completed my OSCE exam feeling confident and ready. I highly recommend their program to anyone planning to do the exam who trained anywhere outside of Ontario.

Brynn Canfield

Kenora, Ont.

Mark is such an amazing tutor, he makes sure your understanding everything he's explaining before he moves on to the next point. He provides examples to help with the understanding. He also tests your knowledge to make sure you are understanding how to answer any question. Overall, Mark is such an amazing tutor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Daiana Branco

Toronto, Ont.

OSCE Prep truly made me ready for the actual exam. The course was very helpful as it gave me the clear understanding of the requirements and tasks to be carried out. It prepares you with the confidence and awareness for better performance.

Jennifer Calamusa, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

I have goods new to share, I pass OSCE also. Thanks for all of your effort and dedication in teaching me. I enjoyed your lessons and have developed a greater appreciation for you especially after having no fear on OSCE day. I  am so blessed to have you as a teachers. Thank-you!


Toronto, Ont.

OSCE PREP was something that every massage student should have!!! Their coaching techniques were really in depth and applicable. They really understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you get to the level that is required at the OSCEs.

Kimberly Nguyen, RMT

Mississauga, Ont.

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