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Fitness for Kids: Elementary and Childhood

Games/Recreation as a Fitness Tool


It is not a secret that there is a growing problem among North American youth. Childhood obesity and ill health as a result of poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles are on the rise. Before we can take on this problem as health professionals and evoke effective change, we must first recognize the cause or compounding causes of this ongoing and growing epidemic. We need to change our attitudes and beliefs about the importance of physical activity when dealing with children. For instance, what message are we subconsciously putting forth to children when we take away the opportunity for physical activity as a punishment. We have all heard it and possibly experienced this if you grew up in a North American school system. Recess and Gym class are the few opportunities where children have to be active, but are readily revoked as a form of punishment. Is it any wonder why children that grow up to be the adults of the future easily take on habits of sedentary lifestyles. We teach our children that being active is not as important as the fundaments of math, science, and English.


8 hours


Delivery Model:

In Class Seminar (1 day)


Module 1: Identification of the general health benefits of physical activity for children

Module 2: Discuss the concepts of physical activity vs. exercise programs

Module 3: The conceptual hierarchy of the different levels of physical activity from unorganized play to organized competitive sport

Module 4: Recognition of the differing needs of adults vs. children with respect to activity/exercise

Module 5: Identification of the patterns of activity and movement of children and its utilization in the creation of organized games, play, and sport

Module 6: Guidelines for frequency, duration, and intensity for activity and exercise appropriate for children

Module 7: Exploring various group activities, play, and sport as a means of achieving improvements in fitness and health

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