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Understanding Hydrotherapy


Many therapists and other body workers  tend to use hydrotherapy as part of the treatment of their client/patient.  However, we may be using hot and cold treatments without fully understanding the effects that it may have on the body. Understanding why and how a technique is used and the individual needs of each client/patient is most important and can enhance the treatment. 

This course is a theoretical introduction to hydrotherapy, ideal for Manual Therapists, Kinesiologists, and Personal Trainers.  Whether you are working in rehabilitation, manual therapy, or health and fitness, you may be using and prescribing hot and cold applications without fully understanding the effects on the body, possibly producing  unwanted results especially  if it is not using in a conscientious and scientific manner.  Knowledge of certain physical and physiological principles is necessary for an effective hydrotherapy treatment.


7 hours


Delivery Model:

In Class 

Live Stream


Module 1:

  • General Therapeutic Properties of Water

  • Specific Therapeutic Properties of Water

  • Disadvantages of Water Treatments

  • Advantages of Hydrotherapy


Module 2:

  • General Uses Of Hydrotherapy

  • Effects Of Hydrotherapy

  • General CI to Hydrotherapy

  • General Rules of Application of Hydrotherapy

  • Negative Reactions


Module 3:

  • Basic Laws of Thermal Dynamics

  • Thermal Regulation


Module 4:

  • Treatment Variables

  • Hemodynamics of Local Hydrotherapy Applications

  • Soft Tissue Management with Hydrotherapy

  • Heat Applications

  • Cold Applications

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

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