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Leadership and Motivation


How to inspire your clients to achieve their goals is at the core of all personal training/wellness programs. Despite the technical and practical knowledge possessed by the trainer/instructor, the ability to inspire change in client’s behavior is of utmost importance. Without the client’s ability to take on life changing behavior, your efforts may become, and sad to say, worthless.

The following seminar will focus on the psychology involved in inspiring change in client’s behavior and how the personal trainer/instructor can aid in evoking the emotions necessary for this change to take place. The personal trainer will acquire the tools possessed by effective leaders and teach their clients not only to inspire themselves, but to inspire others in the process.


8 hours


Delivery Model:

In Class Seminar (1 day)


Module 1: Self awareness and self-esteem. Discussion on values, ethics, and morals and how these concepts shape our thoughts and actions


Module 2: Behavior and habit recognition


Module 3: Understanding the relationship between various concepts of beliefs, attitudes, habits, and expectations and how they act to shape the way we think and act


Module 4: Tools to help break habits and create new ones


Module 5: Concepts of goal setting – SMART principle


Module 6: The importance of a mission statement as a tool for inspiration and motivation in leadership training

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

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