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Marketing Your Healthcare Business:
Branding Your Practice Online

$150 + HST


Complementary Healthcare Professionals invest so much time, effort, and money into acquiring the vast knowledge to become innovative experts in their field, but often fall short or do not reach their maximum potential in their business ventures. The problem is that we are so preoccupied with what we do best - helping others, that we tend to lose sight of ourselves and our skills as being a primary tool for business. We see ourselves as healthcare professionals not as business owners and brands.

This course is designed for practitioners who are looking to expand their business, increase patient/client volume, engage their existing clientele, and create a tribe or following grounded in loyalty.


7 hours

Delivery Model:

Live Stream


Module 1: Crafting Your Mission

Module 2: Creating Company Vision

Module 3: Branding Basics

Module 4: Developing Your Brand

Module 5: Marketing The Brand Experience

Module 6: Managing Your Online Marketing Platforms

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

Read what past participants had to say...

Think big, have strategy, plan your future - learn business marketing to succeed in your practice. Being a good therapists is not enough!


Newmaket, Ont.

Be prepared for a lot of content. Every bit of this content is usable. Be prepared to learn.

Anonymous, RMT

Brampton, Ont.

Was taught in a clearly communicated way. Teacher is approachable with Q & A. Teacher is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge, seems to sincerely want his students to succeed, also teacher is knowledgeable and confident.


Windsor, Ont.

Good presentation. Really helpful.


Mississauga, Ont.

Mark is and always been an engaging presenter. All of his courses are relevant and useful CEUs or no. I will continue to take courses through ConEd.

Ross Banerjee, RMT

London, Ont.

This course was extremely helpful in shedding light on a the marketing aspect of business that was not covered in school. Easy, applicable, up to date techniques for promoting your business. I would strongly recommend to any business.


Ottawa, Ont.

Excellent course, even better than expected. So much information delivered energetically.

Debbie Sawchuk, RMT

Niagara Falls, Ont.

It was very informative, well presented and interesting, but a lot of info for those less knowledgeable of social media.

Anonymous, RMT

Great course. I'm really looking forward to marketing my business.

Jasper Watkins, RMT

London, Ont.

Very informative. Great course for business beginners.

Brittany Van Moorsel, RMT

London, Ont.

Mark is so enthusiastic about what he teaches. He's engaging and real, and gave so much more information in 1 day than I learned in my entire MT school business course.

Robyn Hunter, RMT

Burlington, Ont.

Very informative.

Alina Gardner, RMT

Stouffville, Ont.

Very informative. Overwhelming at first, but will be useful down the road.


Toronto, Ont.

Mark is a great speaker, very knowledgeable.

Anonymous, RMT

Excellent overview of online marketing.

David Slabotsky, RMT

Burnt River, Ont.

Great class! High energy by instructor, very engaging. A perfect start to spark my own motivation at pursuing a balanced social media life!

Lynda Chatelaine Stouck, RMT

St. Catherines, Ont.

This course is great. Very informative.

Anonymous, RMT

Helped me to discover where I am in my career and changes I need to make to help me get to where I want.

Laura Tober, Person Trainer / Conditioning Coach

St. Catherines, Ont.

Teacher really lives up to his branding. He's passionate about marketing and helping everyone do well with it and encourages being bold in your advertising!

Thea Laws., RMT

Southampton, Ont.

This is just the information I needed to get started online. I feel more confident moving forward with my plan!


Bowmanville, Ont.

Very good I learned a lot for growing my business.


Chatham, Ont.

Very well put together. Teacher was great at making sure everyone understood before moving forward.


Strathroy, Ont.

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