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The Connection Between the Pelvic Floor & the Oral Diaphragm

$250 + HST


Understanding the correlation between the pelvic floor and the oral diaphragm can be an invaluable treatment tool in getting the lasting results that our patients are looking for. Approaching back and neck pain with a new perspective. This course will provide understanding of the interconnection of the jaw to the pelvic floor anatomy, dysfunctions and common conditions as well as providing practical knowledge of techniques that Manual Therapists can use in their practice to assist in treatment.

Through a combination of lecture and practical sessions, you will not only learn about these conditions but you will learn hands-on techniques to help reduce symptoms, pain and dysfunction in patients with pelvic floor dysfunction and TMJ disorder.

This course will help with patient populations who are pregnant, post-partum, have physical manifestations of anxiety, chronic low back and hip pain and chronic pelvic conditions.

This course was developed specifically for Manual Therapists and is instructed by an Osteopathic Manual Therapist.


8 hours


Delivery Model:

In-class (1 day)



Module 1

Pelvic Floor / TMJ Anatomy Review pelvic floor muscular anatomy Pelvis anatomy (boney attachments, SI joint, ligaments) Discuss the relationship between pelvic floor muscles and the oral diaphragm How do the diaphragms work together

Module 2

Pelvic Floor Conditions Gaining an understanding of common pelvic floor/ TMJ conditions Recognizing symptoms, prognosis and possible treatment options Knowing when to refer on to pelvic floor physiotherapy, family doctor, gynocology, urology, psychotherapy

Module 3

Manual Techniques External soft tissue and connective tissues techniques that assist in treating internal dysfunction Mobilization of both joints Techniques specific to digestion, diastasis recti, post-partum dysfunctions Techniques to help reduce pelvic pain

Module 4

Remedial Exercise and Home Exercise Programs Breathing techniques Postural correction Core and hip strengthening

Instructor Bio

Instructor Bio Terra Nicolle M.OMSc RMT IAYT-Trauma Informed Terra graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathic Science. Since then, Terra has continued to pursue further training in pediatrics, concussion therapy, taping, lactation consultant and pelvic floor courses. She has an extensive background in personal training and fitness instructing since 1994. She has been teaching yoga teacher training's and yoga therapy courses for the trauma sensitive client. She travels to Africa to educate physio's and midwives in treating the pregnant/ postpartum and pediatric patient. She loves to share the knowledge that she has gained to empower therapists to create effective treatment plans for their patients.

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