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Professional Practice and Ethic

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eLearning Module

$150 + HST

Live Stream

$150 + HST

Course Description:

All Healthcare Professionals encounter ethical challenges within their practice. Therefore, the Professional must not only have technical knowledge and skills, but effectively balance these with informed judgement and responsibility for moral action. Through a review of Regulatory College documents, healthcare ethical principles, and round table discussions, this course explores the basic tools of establishing professionalism within one’s practice as well as ways to effectively recognize ethical issues and dilemmas, make ethical decisions, build understanding, and work toward the resolution of complex problems.


7 hours

eLearning: work at your own pace


Delivery Model:

Live Stream

eLearning Module

eLearning Modules Description:

Our eLearning Modules are online adaptations of some of our in-class seminars.

You can work through the course material at your own pace.

The eLearning Module will be delivered on the ConEd Institute eLearning private Facebook group.

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to access the course material and how to contact the course facilitator.

Requirements for eLearning Modules:  

Facebook Account

Computer, tablet, or smart phone

eLearning Module Group Guidelines / Privacy:

The course is a series of videos. Click the videos tab to access the videos in chronological order, or the photos tab if you are using your phone. Ancillary notes can be accessed by clicking the files tab.

All current group member will only be visible to other group members.

Participants are encouraged to engage in group discussion.

All questions pertaining to the course material will be answered by course facilitator in the group discussion.

The contents of any group discussion are only visible to other members of the group.

You may contact the course facilitator directly if you do not wish for your comments or questions to be part of the group discussion.

Once you have completed the course, contact your course facilitator to receive a letter of completion for your records.


Module 1: Regulated Healthcare Professionals

​Module 2: Values

Module 3: Code of Ethics

Module 4: Competence and Accountability​

Module 5: Professional Practice

​Module 6: Ethical Theory

Module 7: Ethical Decision Making & Preventative Measures

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

Read what past participants had to say...

Its good to know all current changes in professional practice and ethics, I like this e-learning way to make my study much easily. 


Ottawa, Ont.

It's a great refresher regardless of how many years you have been in practice. A safe and open environment in which to discuss scenarios you've encountered.


Bradford, Ont.

Great way to start thinking in an open comfortable environment.


Niagara Falls, Ont.

With Mark my only experience, it is well prepared and accessible. I would recommend for sure.

Claudia Salzmann, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

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