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Record Keeping for Manual Therapists

Live Stream

$150 + HST

eLearning Module

$150 + HST


Do you work in a multidisciplinary clinic and are sharing patient files with other professionals with patient consent? Are you embarrassed by your clinical records? Are your records clear, precise, and thorough? Do your records conform to the standards for your College or Governing Body?


This course is specifically designed for Registered Massage Therapists, and Registered Kinesiologists, however the information is applicable for any Manual Therapist. Learn to effectively document within the framework of professional ethics, confidentiality, current legislation, and standards of practice.  Anything you need to document, this course will discuss how.

eLearning Modules Description:

Our eLearning Modules are online adaptations of some of our in-class seminars.

You can work through the course material at your own pace.

The eLearning Module will be delivered on the ConEd Institute eLearning private Facebook group.

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to access the course material and how to contact the course facilitator.

Requirements for eLearning Modules:  

Facebook Account

Computer, tablet, or smart phone

eLearning Module Group Guidelines / Privacy:

The course is a series of videos. Click the videos tab to access the videos in chronological order, or the photos tab if you are using your phone. Ancillary notes can be accessed by clicking the files tab.

All current group member will only be visible to other group members.

Participants are encouraged to engage in group discussion.

All questions pertaining to the course material will be answered by course facilitator in the group discussion.

The contents of any group discussion are only visible to other members of the group.

You may contact the course facilitator directly if you do not wish for your comments or questions to be part of the group discussion.

Once you have completed the course, contact your course facilitator to receive a letter of completion for your records.


7 hours, eLearning Module is work at your own pace

Delivery Model:  

Live Stream or eLearning Module


Module 1: Patient Records

  • Regulatory Standards

    • Health History

    • Consent

    • Patient Records Guidelines

    • Discharging a Patient

    • Maintenance of Patient Records

    • Release of Records

    • Referral to Regulated Health Care Professionals

    • Referral to Unregulated Health Care Provider

    • Record Retention

    • Fee Sharing agreement with those not subject to the RHPA

  • Treatment Records

    • Subjective Information – Patient Interview

    • Objective Information – Visual inspection / Observations, Assessments

    • Clinical Impression

    • Treatment Plan

    • Treatment

    • Treatment Response / Post Treatment Evaluation

    • Prescribed Remedial Exercise / Home Care

    • Special Considerations

  • Confidentiality of and Access to Records


Module 2: Electronic and Off-site Record Storage


Module 3: Daily Appointment Records


Module 4: Equipment Records

  • Equipment Records Guidelines

  • Record Retention


Module 5: Financial Records

  • Financial Records Guidelines


Module 6: Mandatory Reporting Obligations

  • Sexual Abuse, Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect, Suspected Abuse of the Elderly

  • Reporting By Employers and Facilities: Professional Misconduct, Incompetence, Incapacity, Sexual Abuse

  • Self- Reporting: Finding of Guilt for an Offence, Finding of Professional Malpractice or Negligence, Finding or Proceeding in Another Jurisdiction or College

  • Duty to Warn

  • HIC annual reports to the Privacy Commissioner


Module 7: Professional Misconduct


Module 8: Progress Reports and Reports for 3rd parties


Module 9: Case Studies

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

Read what past participants had to say...

Amazing course for therapists who have been practicing for years. Great review and informative. Sometimes you forget the details. And those details are very important to document.


Toronto, Ont.

This was a thorough and comprehensive on line course that exceeded my expectations.


Toronto, Ont.

This is a great course for those who need guidance with proper record keeping and for those who just want to improve their skills and make sure they are doing things according to the standards.

Anonymous, RMT.

Thunder Bay, Ont.


It was a great course. If you Don't understand just ask Mark and he responded ASAP. Taking this course in a unregulated province has opened my eyes to the differences.

B.C., RMT.

Strathmore, Alberta

This course was excellent. So many topics came up and was addressed. New view points and helpful suggestive ideas in reporting. Really enjoyed the course. Better than the online!!

K.P., RMT.

Uxbridge. Ont.

It is a course we should all take. I guess there is a lot of RMTs out there like myself that needs to improve our clinic notes.


Richmond Hill, Ont.

Very informative! I think every RMT should be reminded on how to take thorough notes. I learned way more than I thought I would.

Kaitlyn Bossema, RMT.

Bowmanville, Ont.

Great information, great course to take if you've been practicing a long time and need to refresh or update your skills.

J.J., RMT.

Milton, Ont.

Mark is hilarious, very engaging and thorough. The class goes so fast. Saturday well spent.

Jessica Maryellen MacGregor, RMT.

Whitby, Ont.

Very thorough coverage of material. Loved Mark's enthusiasm about the topics. The day flew by.

Jessica Browne, RMT.

Windsor, Ont.

The course was very informative! Amazing class, preparation, great knowledge.

Alina Gardner, RMT.

Stouffville, Ont.

Relaxed atmosphere.

Elaine Brien, RMT.

Courtice, Ont.

Take this course to get your records back on track. I was WAY OFF and had no idea!


Toronto, Ont.

In case your record keeping is not what it was when you left school, here is a one day course to get you prepared.

S.P., RMT.

Oakville, Ont.

This reporting course was delivered clearly and concise. A terrific refresher in mandatory note taking.

J.O., RMT.

It's a very informative way to spend a day. A great refresher with some clarification and ample time to ask questions.

M.W., RMT.

Mississauge, Ont.

Excellent course. Instructor well informed and answered all questions. Will come again.


This was a very thorough course, covered more than I anticipated but I got a lot more out than I expected. Mark was animate enough to bring energy to such a dry topic. The class discussions were very thought provoking and helped with understanding of the more complicated side.

Anonymous, RMT

Very informative course. Would recommend this course to all therapists.

Anonymous, RMT

Instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject in today's course.

Anonymous, RMT

Material was very clear and the information provided will assist me in having more detailed records.

Marlene Mendonca, RMT.

London, Ont.

Mark is excellent. I recommend any course he teaches.

U.S., RMT.

Kitchener, Ont.

This course is equally valuable to a new therapist setting up a practice or a long term therapist concerned about staying up to date with legislation. It covers everything paperwork related.


London, Ont.

An excellent review.


Bradford, Ont.

Very informative and great review.

Tracey Elliott, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Mark rocks!

Viviana G., RMT

London, Ont.

Mark is very knowledgeable. Has a good way of explaining the content thoroughly and concisely. After 18 years of practice, still found the information provided helpful.


Ajax, Ont.

Take it at the beginning of your practice years to start off on the right foot. Take again to keep on track!

Anonymous, RMT

Selby, Ont.

It is worth your time and money! If you need a refresher course or don’t think you take good notes then this course is for you.

Krisi Camacho Smith, RMT

Waterdown/Milton, Ont.

I enjoyed the small group setting. The material was detailed yet well delivered. It was easy to ask questions and/or make comments without feeling like you were interrupting.


Hawkesbury, Ont.

Course outline is very detailed and specific. The material is comprehensive and thorough and has enabled me to be more thorough in my record keeping after being in the field already for many years.

Ivy Giles, RMT

Burlington, Ont.

A very good refresher course in some areas but outlined detailed information in an easy to follow manner through each topic. Very willing to talk about additional information when asked.


Toronto, Ont.

Extremely informative - more info than I received from my College! I feel much better about how to document and keep records.


Meaford, Ont.

Informative, gives good insight on how things should be done properly, great guidelines given.

Shelly Parmar, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Mark made the tiny details of record keeping easy to understand. I feel empowered to step up my admin game! Gratitude from me to ConEd.

Nancy Brooks, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

The course is more informative than the outline. It covers many aspects in detail that massage therapy school does not.

Sarah N. Singh, RMT

Brampton, Ont.

The instructor was very friendly and made what could have been a very dry course interesting.


Toronto, Ont.

Mark was a fantastic speaker and was very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Really great guy!!

Robyn Hunter, RMT

Burlington, Ont.

Great course, really helps you understand the practice standards so you can practice with confidence and keep good records.

Charmi Lad, RKin

Kitchener, Ont.

Very informative material. Questions responded/answered well by instructor.

Aleksandra Starchenko, RMT

Waterdown, Ont.

Very informative. Professional question answer responses.

Marta Dos Santos, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Very informative. Instructors are very knowledgeable, confident, and easy going.


Brampton, Ont.

Great instructor!! Very useful information / refresher!


Port Elgin, Ont.

Great instructor. Made dry subject very interesting!!


Mississauga, Ont.

Mark is a great instructor and made the class quick and easy.


Kitchener, Ont.

Excellent presentation. Knowledgeable, professional.


Richmond Hill, Ont.

Course is very informative, goes beyond charting in the clinic. This course has left me with a lot to think about in regards to making changes a the clinic I work at to make the practice a better experience.


Hamilton, Ont.

Very informative. Great refresher course.


Toronto, Ont.

The instructor is thorough and knowledgeable. A good refresher of rules and regulations.

Brent Rousseau, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Record keeping is very important and helps RMTs be perceived  as professional and accountable in terms of working inter-professionally in the community. 


London, Ont.

You will walk out for the course with all the knowledge to fully write proper records and feel comfortable with your files.


Ottawa, Ont.

Made note / recording keeping so much easier.

Mary Pilla, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

Very helpful. Mark is very knowledgeable and funny. The way he was teaching made the information easier to be absorbed.


Toronto, Ont.

Great review of college standards.


Shallow Lake, Ont.

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