Record Keeping for Registered Psychotherapists

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$250 + HST


This course is specifically designed for Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario. Learn to effectively document within the framework of professional ethics, confidentiality, current legislation, and standards of practice. 


7 hours

Delivery Model:  

Live Stream


Module 1: Introduction to Record Keeping


Module 2: Patient Records: Regulatory Standards


  • Patient Records Guidelines

  • Client Profile

  • Consent

  • Discontinuing Services

  • Release of Records, Confidentiality, and Access

  • Closing, Selling, or Relocating a Practice

  • Referrals

  • Fee Sharing Agreement

  • End of Module Written Evaluation


Module 3:

  • Storage, Security and Retrieval

  • Appointment Records

  • Financial Records

  • Issuing Accurate Documents

  • End of Module Written Evaluation

Module 4: Mandatory Reporting Obligations

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

  • Suspected Abuse of the Elderly

  • Reporting By Employers and Facilities: Professional Misconduct, Incompetence, Incapacity

  • Self Reporting:     

    • Finding of Guilt for an Offence

    • Finding of Professional Malpractice or Negligence

    • Finding or Proceeding in Another Jurisdiction or Proceeding by another College

  • Warning of authorities or appropriate parties when someone is in serious danger (duty to warn)

  • Unsafe Practice by another RP

  • Report about social workers or social service workers

  • Termination for Breach of Privacy

  • Report certain breaches to the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

  • End of Module Evaluation

Module 5: Professional Misconduct

  • End of Module Evaluation

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