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Foundations of Remedial / Therapeutic Exercise

$150 + HST


It is no secret that at the heart of successful injury rehabilitation, and the maintenance and improvement of bodily performance is a sound exercise and/or movement program. Many Therapists possess excellent hands-on skills, but unfortunately this passive approach to manual therapy can only bring about limited outcomes with our patients and clients. We need to get our patients and clients to move!!


Through combining the principles of Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Exercise Physiology, this course focuses on the foundations of Remedial / Therapeutic Exercise. The purpose is to reconnect Manual Therapists and Movement Therapists with the foundational knowledge necessary to design safe and effective exercise programs and improve therapeutic outcomes.

Remedial / Therapeutic exercise is a methodical approach to performing of body movements, postures, and physical activity with the intended to purpose to:

  • Remediate or prevent impairments

  • Improve, restore, enhance physical function

  • Prevent or reduce health-related risk factors

  • Optimize overall health status, fitness, and sense of well-being

Remedial / therapeutic exercise programs are designed to meet the individual and unique needs of each patient or client.


8 hours


Delivery Model:

In-class or Live Stream (1 day)


Module 1: Types of Movement​

Module 2: Muscular Properties

Module 3: Substrate Metabolism

Module 4: Energy Systems

Module 5: Expenditure and Fatigue

Module 6: Principles of Exercise Training​

Module 7: Training Adaptation

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

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