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Sensory Approach to Manual Therapy

$400 + HST



This course is designed to help manual therapists gain a greater understanding into the most up-to-date research around fascia, pain, touch stimulus and how these concepts interact with the brain. Through this interaction we delve into the idea of neuroplasticity and how it is that we, as manual therapists can take advantage of this connection to help reeducate the bodies movement and pain patterns.

This course is unique in that it focuses on the sensory system as the main communication tool between the therapist and the clients brain. This approach is not designed to replace any techniques or modalities, nor is it a stand alone technique. It is an approach that is to be incorporated into the therapists current techniques and modalities.


The course objectives are the following:

  • Myth busting in the manual therapy industry: clinical vs mechanistic research.

  • Review of basic and advanced neurological anatomy - CNS, sympathetic & parasympathetic systems

  • A deep dive into 8 (yes eight) sensory systems

  • Neuroplasticity - what it is and how we could and should be using it as a tool to further our treatments and client goals.

  • How and why up-regulation/down-regulation should dictate your treatment approach, pressure and type of care.


16 hours


Delivery Model:

Live Stream


Module 1: Introduction, Sensory System, Nervous System Integumentary System, Biotensigrity

Module 2: Updated Fascia Research/treatment methods

Module 3: Using Neuroplasticity as a Manual Therapist, Evaluating and breaking neural habits w/ massage

Module 4: Clinical Scenarios and Labs (Low Back pain, Whiplash, GH Joint, Achilles tendinopathy)

Instructor Bio

Troy Lavigne has been an instructor with several continuing education modalities for the past 7 years. He has taught at colleges, universities, hospitals and National Conventions for several associations all over the US. He is a published researcher and created his own manual therapy modality to help therapists improve their clinical abilities. He is extremely passionate about his teaching and wants each student to come away from class with a greater understanding of the body, manual therapy techniques and how to integrate their knowledge into treatment.

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

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