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Shockwave Therapy

$300 + HST

Course Description:

Shockwave therapy dates back to the 1950’s with the introduction of the technology to treat kidney stones. It has since evolved to have two available technologies: Focus and Radial shockwave. This course examines Radial Shockwave Therapy as a technology and how it can be incorporated into a massage therapy practice to treat common conditions such as Frozen Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis and Tennis Elbow.

In this course participants will learn about the technology and how to use it in their practice as an adjunct to manual massage techniques. When complete, you will be able to recognize candidates for shockwave therapy, when to use it in your practice, and treatment protocols best suited for common musculoskeletal conditions.


7 hours 


Delivery Model:



Module 1: Principles of Shockwave Therapy
Module 2: Physiological Effects of Shockwave Therapy
Module 3: Characteristics of Shockwave
Module 4: Contraindications
Module 5: Clinical Application of Shockwave
Module 6: Practical Application
Module 7: Case Studies

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