Hear what our participants had to say about our OSCE and MCQ Preparation.

I was on my final try for my OSCE exam after two previous failures, but thanks to Mark and his amazing teachings, history did not repeat itself a third time. I passed my OSCE because of Mark. I signed up for his one on one four day OSCE prep course and we went through everything, every room, every technique, every stretch and exercise, with unbelievable detail. He even fixed at least half of the assessments I'd been incorrectly taught in school (DO NOT GET RATTRAY FOR ASSESSMENTS!!!). He went over each one until I got it down. He is so patient and supportive and always ended each success with a fist bump.

Mark's knowledge is astounding. He makes up stems to practice on the spot. He'll write you quick lines if you're having trouble getting out what you want to say. He explains what the markers are looking for. He is worth every penny. Seriously.

Kailie Bill

Kingston, Ont.

Coming from out of Province, I was unsure as to how to study for, and what to expect from the OSCE. Thankfully I found ConEd Institute's OSCE Prep program. Mark responded right away, answering my initial questions, and tailored a 4 day one on one program specific to my needs. The whole experience was fantastic and I completed my OSCE exam feeling confident and ready. I highly recommend their program to anyone planning to do the exam who trained anywhere outside of Ontario.

Brynn Canfield

Kenora, Ont.

Mark is such an amazing tutor, he makes sure your understanding everything he's explaining before he moves on to the next point. He provides examples to help with the understanding. He also tests your knowledge to make sure you are understanding how to answer any question. Overall, Mark is such an amazing tutor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Daiana Branco

Toronto, Ont.

OSCE Prep truly made me ready for the actual exam. The course was very helpful as it gave me the clear understanding of the requirements and tasks to be carried out. It prepares you with the confidence and awareness for better performance.


Jennifer Calamusa, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

I have goods new to share, I pass OSCE also. Thanks for all of your effort and dedication in teaching me. I enjoyed your lessons and have developed a greater appreciation for you especially after having no fear on OSCE day. I  am so blessed to have you as a teachers. Thank-you!



Raman Sharma, RMT

Toronto, Ont.

OSCE PREP was something that every massage student should have!!! Their coaching techniques were really in depth and applicable. They really understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you get to the level that is required at the OSCEs.

Kimberly Nguyen, RMT

Mississauga, Ont.

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