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Therapeutic Ultrasound

$250 + HST

Course Description:

Ultrasound is the perfect complement to a Manual Therapy Practice. Ultrasound waves are a vibration energy that soften hard, fibrous tissue allowing you to manually treat and remodel tissue so much easier and more effectively. The vibrations of the ultrasound also enhance the healing of injured tissue. 


In this course you will learn to use this modality to help with your restructuring and remodeling work, reduce pain, speed the healing of injured cells, and assist with your drainage work. 


7 hours 


Delivery Model:



Module 1: Introduction/Rationale

​Module 2: Effects of Ultrasound

Module 3: Contraindications

Module 5: Clinical Application of Ultrasound and Protocols

​Module 6: Practical Application

Module 7: Case Studies

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

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