Manual Therapy for Temporomandibular

Joint Dysfunction

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Knowledge of Temporomandibular Joint and its applied anatomy is of utmost importance in treating jaw pain and dysfunction. The following workshop is centered around the concepts involved in external and intraoral treatment of TMJ issues: anatomy and mechanics of the TMJ and associated structures, palpation of anatomical structures relevant to treatment, identify common TMJ conditions, subjective and objective assessment of TMJ and relevant structures, manual therapy – external and intraoral massage techniques, joint mobilizations, remedial exercise and post treatment care.


8 hours 


Delivery Model:

In Class Workshop (1 days)


Module 1: An In-depth Review of TMJ and other relevant structures

Module 2: Palpation of relevant anatomical structures

Module 3: Osteokinematics and Arthrokinematics of the TMJ

Module 4: Joint mobilization techniques for TMJ and other relevant structures

Module 4: Subjective and Objective assessment of TMJ conditions

Module 5: Manual Therapy for various TMJ conditions

Module 6: Remedial exercise and post treatment care 

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