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Traditional Thai Massage II

$700 + HST


Traditional Thai Massage is a Buddhist form of physiotherapy originally created by the Doctor to the Buddha 2000-2500 years. It was passed down from generation to generation by the monastic monks through oral tradition and primarily used to soothe sore muscles after intense meditation. In practice, it combines passive stretch, compressions and acupressure, in a rhythmic and systematic routine resembling yoga- like postures and thus commonly referred to as Thai Yoga in the west.

In this course, you will learn the lineage that is said to directly trace back to the physician of the Buddha know as the “Father Doctor” Shivago.

Course Objectives:

In this follow up to Thai Massage level I participants learn how to give a 90 minute full body Thai Massage with the client in the the sidelying and prone positions. You will also learn additional techniques for the seated position. Sen (energy) lines of the back and post legs are now introduced and treated.

*Traditional Thai Massage I is NOT a pre-requisite 

Upon successful completion of the full 4 day training you will be eligible to participate in the practical evaluation to obtain your certification.


32 hours


Delivery Model:

In-class (4 days)



Sidelying position

Module 1: Warm and treat the Sen Lines of the legs

Module II - Passive stretch to the lower limbs & hips

Module III – Warm and stimulate the sen lines of the back, shoulders and arms

Module IV – Passive stretch to the back and flexors

Module V - Reflexology of the foot
Module VI – Sen lines of the posterior leg and back
Module VII – Passive stretch to the flexors and back


Module VIII - Advanced techniques in seated position

Instructor Bio

Andre has been an RMT since 2004. He credits the biggest leap in his career to learning Thai Massage. Similar to most therapists in their early years Andre suffered from regular discomfort performing Swedish massage and knew he would have to learn different methods of providing therapy in order to ensure his longevity in the field he loved. After studying numerous courses, a trip to Thailand to learn Thai Massage was what successful allowed him to change the way he practiced and taught him how to give effective treatments without having to stress his own body. Three trips to Thailand and numerous courses from different schools, masters and teachers have allowed him to refine his skills in Thai Massage. When not treating clients, Andre spends his time training other therapists is ancient forms of massage that not only help to preserve the health of clients, but practitioners as well.

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