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Understanding Movement: Biomechanical


$150 + HST


The purpose of this course is to help Manual Therapists, Registered Kinesiologists, and Personal Trainers obtain a better understanding of human movement. The information in this course may appear abstract on the surface, however once understood, its direct application is obvious. This course is not meant for everyone. It is ideal for any practitioner who is involved in the therapy of patients, meaning the assessment, planning, and implementation of ongoing patient care.

Understanding the fundamental principles of movement allows for:

  • Recognition of mechanism of injury and the primary, secondary, and compensatory injured structures

  • Improved ability to subjectively and objectively assess a patient's condition

  • Development of a reliable clinical impression and prognosis

  • Better directed planning and provision of treatment


7 hours 


Delivery Model:

In-class or Live Stream


Module 1: Types of Movement

Module 2: Muscular Properties

Module 3: Levers

Module 4: Mechanical Advantage

Module 5: Torque

Module 6: Leverage Factor

Module 7: Newton’s Laws

Module 8: Vectors

Visit the Course Calendar page for information on course dates and location

Read what past participants had to say...

I took Kin as my undergrad. We had two mandatory biomechanics courses we had to take. This was a great quick review of the core biomechanics and how we can relate it to remedial exercise and massage therapy.


Toronto, Ont.

Speaks more to "Kinesiology" biomechanics vs "Massage Therapy" perceived biomechanics. Would be very beneficial for RMTs to understand movement this way.


Shallow Lake, Ont.

Great course to enhance knowledge of mechanics and directly apply to treatment situations. It's a great refresher course of physiology. Everything was integrated and planned out very well.

Brad Arndt, RMT

London, Ont.

Much more practical way to look at body mechanics than taught in school. Will be able to take this back to practice and improve my quality of treatment.

Anonymous, RMT

I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to apply terms and real life examples to theories I already knew. I always enjoy thinking outside the box and this course helped me to view things differently plus give me new ideas to help my treatments.

Krystal Robinson, RMT

Brampton, Ont.

Super fantastic!


Brampton, Ont.

This workshop is a good review of biomechanics. Approximately 2-3 weeks of course material. Great work!

Anonymous, RMT

A very good refresher course. Informative instructor, very knowledgeable. Thanks Mark!


Toronto, Ont.

Mark is a great instructor, very knowledgeable about the course material. He was able to answer all of my questions.

Anonymous, RMT

Brampton, Ont.

Great review of kin material and relating it to functional application with massage therapy treatment and assessment


Thoroughly covering the physics of movement. This course was a great refresher (or fresh start) to understanding how the movement is created and realized outside


Toronto, Ont.

Great review of kin material and relating it to functional application with massage therapy treatment and assessment

Anonymous, RMT

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